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public class BluetoothClass extends Object
The Android Bluetooth API is not finalized, and *will* change. Use at your own risk. Static helper methods and constants to decode the device class bit vector returned by the Bluetooth API. The Android Bluetooth API returns a 32-bit integer to represent the class. The format of these bits is defined at (login required). This class provides static helper methods and constants to determine what Service Class(es) and Device Class are encoded in the 32-bit class. Devices typically have zero or more service classes, and exactly one device class. The device class is encoded as a major and minor device class, the minor being a subset of the major. Class is useful to describe a device (for example to show an icon), but does not reliably describe what profiles a device supports. To determine profile support you usually need to perform SDP queries. Each of these helper methods takes the 32-bit integer class as an argument.

Fields Summary
public static final int
Indicates the Bluetooth API could not retrieve the class
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