DataDirectOracle9Dialect.javaAPI DocHibernate 3.2.5840Tue Feb 21 03:11:06 GMT 2006org.hibernate.dialect


public class DataDirectOracle9Dialect extends Oracle9Dialect

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public java.sql.ResultSetgetResultSet(java.sql.CallableStatement ps)

		boolean isResultSet = ps.execute(); 
//		 This assumes you will want to ignore any update counts 
		while (!isResultSet && ps.getUpdateCount() != -1) { 
		    isResultSet = ps.getMoreResults(); 
		ResultSet rs = ps.getResultSet(); 
//		 You may still have other ResultSets or update counts left to process here 
//		 but you can't do it now or the ResultSet you just got will be closed 
		return rs;
public intregisterResultSetOutParameter(java.sql.CallableStatement statement, int col)

		return col; // sql server just returns automatically