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public final class OSFCodeSetRegistry extends Object
Information from the OSF code set registry version 1.2g. Use the Entry corresponding to the desired code set. Consider rename to CodeSetRegistry since OSF is dead.

Fields Summary
public static final int
public static final int
public static final int
public static final int
public static final int
public static final Entry
8-bit encoding required for GIOP 1.0, and used as the char set when nothing else is specified.
static final Entry
UTF-16 as specified in the OSF registry has an optional byte order marker. UTF-16BE and UTF-16LE are not in the OSF registry since it is no longer being developed. When the OMG switches to the IANA registry, these can be public. Right now, they're used internally by CodeSetConversion.
static final Entry
public static final Entry
Fallback wchar code set. In the resolution of issue 3405b, UTF-16 defaults to big endian, so doesn't have to have a byte order marker. Unfortunately, this has to be a special case for compatibility.
public static final Entry
Fallback char code set. Also the code set for char data in encapsulations. However, since CORBA says chars are only one octet, it is really the same as Latin-1.
public static final Entry
public static final Entry
This is the encoding older JavaSoft ORBs advertised as their CORBA char code set. Actually, they took the lower byte of the Java char. This is a 7-bit encoding, so they were really sending ISO8859-1.
Constructors Summary
private OSFCodeSetRegistry()

Methods Summary
public static$EntrylookupEntry(int encodingValue)
Given an OSF registry value, return the corresponding Entry. Returns null if an Entry for that value is unavailable.

        switch(encodingValue) {
            case ISO_8859_1_VALUE:
                return OSFCodeSetRegistry.ISO_8859_1;
            case UTF_16_VALUE:
                return OSFCodeSetRegistry.UTF_16;
            case UTF_8_VALUE:
                return OSFCodeSetRegistry.UTF_8;
            case ISO_646_VALUE:
                return OSFCodeSetRegistry.ISO_646;
            case UCS_2_VALUE:
                return OSFCodeSetRegistry.UCS_2;
                return null;