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public interface IAssetAtlas implements android.os.IInterface
Programming interface to the system assets atlas. This atlas, when present, holds preloaded drawable in a single, shareable graphics buffer. This allows multiple processes to share the same data to save up on memory.

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public android.view.GraphicBuffergetBuffer()
Returns the atlas buffer (texture) or null if the atlas is not available yet.

public long[]getMap()
Returns the map of the bitmaps stored in the atlas or null if the atlas is not available yet. Each bitmap is represented by several entries in the array: long0: SkBitmap*, the native bitmap object long1: x position long2: y position long3: rotated, 1 if the bitmap must be rotated, 0 otherwise

public booleanisCompatible(int ppid)
Indicates whether the atlas is compatible with the specified parent process id. If the atlas' ppid does not match, this method will return false.