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public class ObjectReferenceFactoryImpl extends ObjectReferenceProducerBase implements org.omg.CORBA.portable.StreamableValue, org.omg.PortableInterceptor.ObjectReferenceFactory
This is an implementation of the ObjectReferenceFactory abstract value type defined by the portable interceptors IDL. Note that this is a direct Java implementation of the abstract value type: there is no stateful value type defined in IDL, since defining the state in IDL is awkward and inefficient. The best way to define the state is to use internal data structures that can be written to and read from CORBA streams.

Fields Summary
private transient
public static final String
Constructors Summary
public ObjectReferenceFactoryImpl(org.omg.CORBA.portable.InputStream is)

	super( (ORB)(is.orb()) ) ;
	_read( is ) ;
public ObjectReferenceFactoryImpl( orb, iortemps)

	super( orb ) ;
	iorTemplates = iortemps ;
Methods Summary
public void_read(org.omg.CORBA.portable.InputStream is)
Read the data into a (presumably) empty ObjectReferenceFactoryImpl. This sets the orb to the ORB of the InputStream.

	org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable.InputStream istr = 
	    (org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable.InputStream)is ;

	iorTemplates = IORFactories.makeIORTemplateList( istr ) ;
public java.lang.String[]_truncatable_ids()

	return new String[] { repositoryId } ;
public org.omg.CORBA.TypeCode_type()

	return ObjectReferenceFactoryHelper.type() ;
public void_write(org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStream os)
Write the state to the OutputStream.

	org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable.OutputStream ostr = 
	    (org.omg.CORBA_2_3.portable.OutputStream)os ;

	iorTemplates.write( ostr ) ;
public booleanequals(java.lang.Object obj)

	if (!(obj instanceof ObjectReferenceFactoryImpl))
	    return false ;

	ObjectReferenceFactoryImpl other = (ObjectReferenceFactoryImpl)obj ;

	return (iorTemplates != null) && 
	    iorTemplates.equals( other.iorTemplates ) ;

	return iorTemplates ;

	return iorTemplates ;
public inthashCode()

	return iorTemplates.hashCode() ;