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public class ICUCompat extends Object

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private static final ICUCompatImpl
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public static java.lang.StringaddLikelySubtags(java.lang.String locale)
Add the likely subtags for a provided locale ID, per the algorithm described in the following CLDR technical report: If locale is already in the maximal form, or there is no data available for maximization, it will be just returned. For example, "und-Zzzz" cannot be maximized, since there is no reasonable maximization. Examples: "en" maximizes to "en_Latn_US" "de" maximizes to "de_Latn_US" "sr" maximizes to "sr_Cyrl_RS" "sh" maximizes to "sr_Latn_RS" (Note this will not reverse.) "zh_Hani" maximizes to "zh_Hans_CN" (Note this will not reverse.)

locale The locale to maximize
the maximized locale

        return IMPL.addLikelySubtags(locale);
public static java.lang.StringgetScript(java.lang.String locale)
Returns the script (language code) of a script.

locale The locale.
a String representing the script (language code) of the locale.

        final int version = Build.VERSION.SDK_INT;
        if (version >= 14) {
            IMPL = new ICUCompatImplIcs();
        } else {
            IMPL = new ICUCompatImplBase();
        return IMPL.getScript(locale);