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public class OnUpdateVisitor extends ReattachVisitor
When an entity is passed to update(), we must inspect all its collections and 1. associate any uninitialized PersistentCollections with this session 2. associate any initialized PersistentCollections with this session, using the existing snapshot 3. execute a collection removal (SQL DELETE) for each null collection property or "new" collection
Gavin King

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
OnUpdateVisitor(org.hibernate.event.EventSource session, Serializable key, Object owner)

		super( session, key, owner );
Methods Summary
java.lang.ObjectprocessCollection(java.lang.Object collection, org.hibernate.type.CollectionType type)

		if ( collection == CollectionType.UNFETCHED_COLLECTION ) {
			return null;

		EventSource session = getSession();
		CollectionPersister persister = session.getFactory().getCollectionPersister( type.getRole() );

		final Serializable collectionKey = extractCollectionKeyFromOwner( persister );
		if ( collection!=null && (collection instanceof PersistentCollection) ) {
			PersistentCollection wrapper = (PersistentCollection) collection;
			if ( wrapper.setCurrentSession(session) ) {
				//a "detached" collection!
				if ( !isOwnerUnchanged( wrapper, persister, collectionKey ) ) {
					// if the collection belonged to a different entity,
					// clean up the existing state of the collection
					removeCollection( persister, collectionKey, session );
				reattachCollection(wrapper, type);
			else {
				// a collection loaded in the current session
				// can not possibly be the collection belonging
				// to the entity passed to update()
				removeCollection(persister, collectionKey, session);
		else {
			// null or brand new collection
			// this will also (inefficiently) handle arrays, which have
			// no snapshot, so we can't do any better
			removeCollection(persister, collectionKey, session);

		return null;