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public class ApplicationLoaders extends Object

Fields Summary
private final HashMap
private static final ApplicationLoaders
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public java.lang.ClassLoadergetClassLoader(java.lang.String zip, java.lang.String appDataDir, java.lang.ClassLoader parent)

         * This is the parent we use if they pass "null" in.  In theory
         * this should be the "system" class loader; in practice we
         * don't use that and can happily (and more efficiently) use the
         * bootstrap class loader.
        ClassLoader baseParent = ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader().getParent();

        synchronized (mLoaders) {
            if (parent == null) {
                parent = baseParent;

             * If we're one step up from the base class loader, find
             * something in our cache.  Otherwise, we create a whole
             * new ClassLoader for the zip archive.
            if (parent == baseParent) {
                ClassLoader loader = (ClassLoader)mLoaders.get(zip);
                if (loader != null) {
                    return loader;
                PathClassLoader pathClassloader =
                    new PathClassLoader(zip, appDataDir + "/lib", parent);
                mLoaders.put(zip, pathClassloader);
                return pathClassloader;

            return new PathClassLoader(zip, parent);
public static

        return gApplicationLoaders;