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public interface MIDletEventConsumer
This is the DisplayEventHandler/MIDletStateHandler contract for MIDlet events. This interface is to be implemnted by an event processing target for MIDlet events. EventListener for these events must find appropriate instance of this I/F implementor and call its methods. TBD: method and parameter lists of the I/F is preliminary and is a subject for changes. TBD: Implementor of this I/F shall be instance specific, and thus will be able to obtain all IDs itself. normally I/F implementor shall be associated with MIDlet, i.e. implemented by MIDletPeer.

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public voidhandleMIDletActivateEvent()
Activates a MIDLet.

public voidhandleMIDletDestroyEvent()
Destroys a MIDlet.

public voidhandleMIDletPauseEvent()
Pauses a MIDlet.