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public class listattrs extends Object implements Command

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public voidexecute(javax.naming.Context c, java.util.Vector v)

    String name = "";
    // An empty string is OK for a listattrs operation
    // as it means list attributes of the current context
    if (!(v.isEmpty()))
      name = (String)v.firstElement();
    if (NamingShell.getCurrentContext() == null)
      throw new CommandException(new Exception(), "No current context");       

    try {
      // Get the Attributes and then get enumeration of Attribute objects
      Attributes attrs = ((DirContext)c).getAttributes(name);
      NamingEnumeration allAttr = attrs.getAll();
      while (allAttr.hasMore()) {
        Attribute attr = (Attribute);
        System.out.println("Attribute: " + attr.getID());
        // Note that this can return human-unreadable garbage
        NamingEnumeration values = attr.getAll();
        while (values.hasMore())
          System.out.println("Value: " +;
    catch (NamingException e) {
      throw new CommandException(e, "Couldn't list attributes of " + name);
    catch (ClassCastException cce) {
      throw new CommandException(cce, "Not a directory context");
public voidhelp()

 System.out.println("Usage: listattrs [name]");