ITvInputClient.javaAPI DocAndroid 5.1 API11516Sat Mar 14 05:48:10 GMT


public interface ITvInputClient implements android.os.IInterface
Interface a client of the ITvInputManager implements, to identify itself and receive information about changes to the state of each TV input service.

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public voidonChannelRetuned( channelUri, int seq)

public voidonContentAllowed(int seq)

public voidonContentBlocked(java.lang.String rating, int seq)

public voidonLayoutSurface(int left, int top, int right, int bottom, int seq)

public voidonSessionCreated(java.lang.String inputId, android.os.IBinder token, android.view.InputChannel channel, int seq)

public voidonSessionEvent(java.lang.String name, android.os.Bundle args, int seq)

public voidonSessionReleased(int seq)

public voidonTrackSelected(int type, java.lang.String trackId, int seq)

public voidonTracksChanged(java.util.List tracks, int seq)

public voidonVideoAvailable(int seq)

public voidonVideoUnavailable(int reason, int seq)