CollectionMetadata.javaAPI DocHibernate 3.2.5893Thu Jun 03 11:31:32 BST 2004org.hibernate.metadata


public interface CollectionMetadata
Exposes collection metadata to the application
Gavin King

Fields Summary
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Methods Summary
public org.hibernate.type.TypegetElementType()
The collection element type

public org.hibernate.type.TypegetIndexType()
The collection index type (or null if the collection has no index)

public org.hibernate.type.TypegetKeyType()
The collection key type

public java.lang.StringgetRole()
The name of this collection role

public booleanhasIndex()
Is this collection indexed?

public booleanisArray()
Is the collection an array?

public booleanisLazy()
Is the collection lazily initialized?

public booleanisPrimitiveArray()
Is the collection a primitive array?