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public class GenericBroadcaster extends Object implements NotificationBroadcaster
Naive implementation of NotificationBroadcaster.

Fields Summary
private static final boolean
private ArrayList
This is the list of listeners, which contains one triplet object for each interested listener.
private Hashtable
Hashtable containing the notification types and the number of times each one was sent.
Constructors Summary
public GenericBroadcaster()
Default constructor. Delegates to alternate constructor.

public GenericBroadcaster(String[] notificationTypes)
Alternate constructor. Allows the agent to specify a String array that contains the possible notification types that can be sent by this broadcaster. This information is used for getNotificationInfo()

        if (notificationTypes != null) {
            for (int aa = 0; aa < notificationTypes.length; aa++) {
                String notifType = notificationTypes[aa];
                trace("GenericBroadcaster(): INFO: Attempting to add notification type \'"
                        + notifType + "\'.");
                if (notifType != null && !notifType.equals("")) {
                    // We don't care if something else was there, the counters
                    /// all get set to zero anyway...
                    _notifications.put(notifType, new Integer(0));
                    trace("GenericBroadcaster(): INFO: Notification type \'"
                            + notifType + "\' successfully added.");
Methods Summary
public voidaddNotificationListener( listener, filter, java.lang.Object handback)
Adds the specified listener (if not null) to the list of listeners. A triplet object is created and added to the backing store.

        if (listener != null) {
            trace("GenericBroadcaster.addNotificationListener(): INFO: " + 
                    "Adding listener/filter/handback triplet: " + listener + 
                    "/" + filter + "/" + handback + ".");
            _listeners.add(new ListenerFilterHandbackTriplet(listener, filter, 
Constructs an array of MBeanNotificationInfo objects and returns it to the caller.

        MBeanNotificationInfo[] notifications = new MBeanNotificationInfo[1];
        String[] notificationTypes = new String[_notifications.size()];
        Iterator iter = _notifications.keySet().iterator();
        int aa = 0;
        while (iter.hasNext()) {
            notificationTypes[aa] = (String);
        notifications[0] = new MBeanNotificationInfo(notificationTypes, "NotificationTypes", 
                "Types of notifications emitted by this broadcaster.");
        return  notifications;
public voidremoveNotificationListener( listener)
Removes all triplets associated with the specified listener.

        trace("GenericBroadcaster.removeNotificationListener(): INFO: " + "Removing all triplets for listener: "
                + listener);
        removeNotificationListener(listener, null);
public voidremoveNotificationListener( listener, java.lang.Object handback)
Removes the specified listener/filter/handback triplet from the list. If the handback object is null, all triplets for the specified listener are removed. The handback reference must be to the same object instance (not a clone).

        trace("GenericBroadcaster.removeNotificationListener(): INFO: Removing listener/handback: "
                + listener + "/" + handback);
        if (listener != null) {
            Iterator iter = _listeners.iterator();
            while (iter.hasNext()) {
                ListenerFilterHandbackTriplet triplet = (ListenerFilterHandbackTriplet);
                trace("GenericBroadcaster.removeNotificationListener(): INFO: Examining triplet: "
                        + triplet);
                if (listener == triplet.getListener() && (handback == null || 
                        handback == triplet.getHandback())) {
                    trace("GenericBroadcaster.removeNotificationListener(): INFO: Removing triplet: "
                            + triplet);
                    if (handback != null)
public voidsendNotification( notification)
Sends the specified notification. The hashtable of notifications is checked to see if this notification has been sent. If not, a new entry is created, otherwise the counter for this notification type is incremented.

        if (notification != null) {
            String notifType = notification.getType();
            if (_notifications.containsKey(notifType)) {
                Integer count = (Integer)_notifications.get(notifType);
                _notifications.put(notifType, new Integer(count.intValue() + 
            else {
                _notifications.put(notifType, new Integer(1));
            // Now send the notification to all interested listeners
            for (int aa = 0; aa < _listeners.size(); aa++) {
                ListenerFilterHandbackTriplet triplet = (ListenerFilterHandbackTriplet)_listeners.get(aa);
                trace("GenericBroadcaster.sendNotification(): INFO: Looking at triplet: "
                        + triplet);
                NotificationListener listener = triplet.getListener();
                NotificationFilter filter = triplet.getFilter();
                Object handback = triplet.getHandback();
                if (filter == null || filter.isNotificationEnabled(notification)) {
                    trace("GenericBroadcaster.sendNotification(): INFO: Sending notification to listener: "
                            + listener + ", sending handback: " + handback);
                    listener.handleNotification(notification, handback);
private voidtrace(java.lang.String message)

        if (traceOn)