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public abstract class AbstractInputMethodService extends implements KeyEvent.Callback
AbstractInputMethodService provides a abstract base class for input methods. Normal input method implementations will not derive from this directly, instead building on top of {@link InputMethodService} or another more complete base class. Be sure to read {@link InputMethod} for more information on the basics of writing input methods.

This class combines a Service (representing the input method component to the system with the InputMethod interface that input methods must implement. This base class takes care of reporting your InputMethod from the service when clients bind to it, but provides no standard implementation of the InputMethod interface itself. Derived classes must implement that interface.

Fields Summary
private android.view.inputmethod.InputMethod
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
protected voiddump( fd, fout, java.lang.String[] args)
Implement this to handle {@link android.os.Binder#dump Binder.dump()} calls on your input method.

public final android.os.IBinderonBind(android.content.Intent intent)

        if (mInputMethod == null) {
            mInputMethod = onCreateInputMethodInterface();
        return new IInputMethodWrapper(this, mInputMethod);
public abstract android.inputmethodservice.AbstractInputMethodService$AbstractInputMethodImplonCreateInputMethodInterface()
Called by the framework during initialization, when the InputMethod interface for this service needs to be created.

public abstract android.inputmethodservice.AbstractInputMethodService$AbstractInputMethodSessionImplonCreateInputMethodSessionInterface()
Called by the framework when a new InputMethodSession interface is needed for a new client of the input method.

public booleanonTrackballEvent(android.view.MotionEvent event)

        return false;