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public class CharsetMapper extends Object implements Cloneable
Utility class that attempts to map from a Locale to the corresponding character set to be used for interpreting input text (or generating output text) when the Content-Type header does not include one. You can customize the behavior of this class by modifying the mapping data it loads, or by subclassing it (to change the algorithm) and then using your own version for a particular web application.
Craig R. McClanahan
$Date: 2007/05/05 05:32:30 $ $Version$

Fields Summary
public static final String
Default properties resource name.
protected Properties
The mapping properties that have been initialized from the specified or default properties resource.
Constructors Summary
public CharsetMapper()
Construct a new CharsetMapper using the default properties resource.

    // ---------------------------------------------------------- Constructors



public CharsetMapper(String name)
Construct a new CharsetMapper using the specified properties resource.

name Name of a properties resource to be loaded
IllegalArgumentException if the specified properties resource could not be loaded for any reason.

        try {
            InputStream stream =
        } catch (Throwable t) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException(t.toString());

Methods Summary
public voidaddCharsetMappingFromDeploymentDescriptor(java.lang.String locale, java.lang.String charset)
The deployment descriptor can have a locale-encoding-mapping-list element which describes the webapp's desired mapping from locale to charset. This method gets called when processing the web.xml file for a context

locale The locale for a character set
charset The charset to be associated with the locale

        map.put( locale, charset );
public final java.lang.Objectclone()

        try {
            CharsetMapper clone = (CharsetMapper)super.clone();
   = (Properties)map.clone();
            return clone;
        } catch (CloneNotSupportedException e) {
            throw new InternalError(e.toString());
public java.lang.StringgetCharset(java.util.Locale locale)
Calculate the name of a character set to be assumed, given the specified Locale and the absence of a character set specified as part of the content type header.

locale The locale for which to calculate a character set

    // END RIMOD 4870531

    // ------------------------------------------------------- Public Methods


        String charset = null;

        // First, try a full name match (language and country)
        charset = map.getProperty(locale.toString());
        if (charset != null)
            return (charset);

        // Second, try to match just the language
        charset = map.getProperty(locale.getLanguage());
        return (charset);