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public abstract class StubAdapter extends Object
Provide access to stub delegate and type id information independent of the stub type. This class exists because ObjectImpl does not have an interface for the 3 delegate and type id methods, so a DynamicStub has a different type. We cannot simply change ObjectImpl as it is a standard API. We also cannot change the code generation of Stubs, as that is also standard. Hence I am left with this ugly class.

Fields Summary
private static ORBUtilSystemException
Constructors Summary
private StubAdapter()

Methods Summary
public static org.omg.CORBA.ObjectactivateServant(org.omg.PortableServer.Servant servant)
Use implicit activation to get an object reference for the servant.

	POA poa = servant._default_POA() ;
	org.omg.CORBA.Object ref = null ;

	try {
	    ref = poa.servant_to_reference( servant ) ;
	} catch (ServantNotActive sna) {
	    throw wrapper.getDelegateServantNotActive( sna ) ;
	} catch (WrongPolicy wp) {
	    throw wrapper.getDelegateWrongPolicy( wp ) ;

	// Make sure that the POAManager is activated if no other
	// POAManager state management has taken place.
	POAManager mgr = poa.the_POAManager() ;
	if (mgr instanceof POAManagerImpl) {
	    POAManagerImpl mgrImpl = (POAManagerImpl)mgr ;
	    mgrImpl.implicitActivation() ;

	return ref ;
public static org.omg.CORBA.ObjectactivateTie(javax.rmi.CORBA.Tie tie)
Given any Tie, return the corresponding object refernce, activating the Servant if necessary.

	/** Any implementation of Tie should be either a Servant or an ObjectImpl,
	 * depending on which style of code generation is used.  rmic -iiop by
	 * default results in an ObjectImpl-based Tie, while rmic -iiop -poa
	 * results in a Servant-based Tie.  Dynamic RMI-IIOP also uses Servant-based
	 * Ties (see impl.presentation.rmi.ReflectiveTie).
	if (tie instanceof ObjectImpl) {
	    return tie.thisObject() ;
	} else if (tie instanceof Servant) {
	    Servant servant = (Servant)tie ;
	    return activateServant( servant ) ;
	} else {
	    throw wrapper.badActivateTieCall() ;
public static voidconnect(java.lang.Object stub, org.omg.CORBA.ORB orb)

	if (stub instanceof DynamicStub)
		( ) ;
	else if (stub instanceof javax.rmi.CORBA.Stub) 
	    ((javax.rmi.CORBA.Stub)stub).connect( orb ) ;
	else if (stub instanceof ObjectImpl)
	    orb.connect( (org.omg.CORBA.Object)stub ) ;
	    throw wrapper.connectRequiresStub() ; 
public static org.omg.CORBA.portable.DelegategetDelegate(java.lang.Object stub)
This also gets the delegate from a Servant by using Servant._this_object()

	if (stub instanceof DynamicStub)
	    return ((DynamicStub)stub).getDelegate() ;
	else if (stub instanceof ObjectImpl)
	    return ((ObjectImpl)stub)._get_delegate() ;
	else if (stub instanceof Tie) {
	    Tie tie = (Tie)stub ;
	    org.omg.CORBA.Object ref = activateTie( tie ) ;
	    return getDelegate( ref ) ;
	} else
	    throw wrapper.getDelegateRequiresStub() ; 
public static org.omg.CORBA.ORBgetORB(java.lang.Object stub)

	if (stub instanceof DynamicStub)
	    return ((DynamicStub)stub).getORB() ;
	else if (stub instanceof ObjectImpl)
	    return (ORB)((ObjectImpl)stub)._orb() ;
	    throw wrapper.getOrbRequiresStub() ; 
public static java.lang.String[]getTypeIds(java.lang.Object stub)

	if (stub instanceof DynamicStub)
	    return ((DynamicStub)stub).getTypeIds() ;
	else if (stub instanceof ObjectImpl)
	    return ((ObjectImpl)stub)._ids() ;
	    throw wrapper.getTypeIdsRequiresStub() ; 
public static booleanisLocal(java.lang.Object stub)

	if (stub instanceof DynamicStub)
	    return ((DynamicStub)stub).isLocal() ;
	else if (stub instanceof ObjectImpl)
	    return ((ObjectImpl)stub)._is_local() ;
	    throw wrapper.isLocalRequiresStub() ; 
public static booleanisStub(java.lang.Object stub)

	return (stub instanceof DynamicStub) ||
	    (stub instanceof ObjectImpl) ;
public static booleanisStubClass(java.lang.Class cls)

	return (ObjectImpl.class.isAssignableFrom( cls )) ||
	    (DynamicStub.class.isAssignableFrom( cls )) ;
public static org.omg.CORBA.portable.OutputStreamrequest(java.lang.Object stub, java.lang.String operation, boolean responseExpected)

	if (stub instanceof DynamicStub)
	    return ((DynamicStub)stub).request( operation,
		responseExpected ) ;
	else if (stub instanceof ObjectImpl)
	    return ((ObjectImpl)stub)._request( operation,
		responseExpected ) ;
	    throw wrapper.requestRequiresStub() ; 
public static voidsetDelegate(java.lang.Object stub, org.omg.CORBA.portable.Delegate delegate)

	if (stub instanceof DynamicStub)
	    ((DynamicStub)stub).setDelegate( delegate ) ;
	else if (stub instanceof ObjectImpl)
	    ((ObjectImpl)stub)._set_delegate( delegate ) ;
	    throw wrapper.setDelegateRequiresStub() ;