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import com.sun.midp.midlet.MIDletSuite;


 * Stubbed implementation for CDC without JUMP variant of stack
 * IMPL_NOTE: some (if not all) methods might go away as a result of
 *  sources refactoring
public final class PushRegistryInternal {

     * Push option to only launch this suite when not other applications
     * are running.
    public static final int PUSH_OPT_WHEN_ONLY_APP = 1;

     * Hides the default constructor.
    private PushRegistryInternal() { }

     * Register a dynamic connection with the
     * application management software. Once registered,
     * the dynamic connection acts just like a
     * connection preallocated from the descriptor file.
     * The internal implementation includes the storage name
     * that uniquely identifies the <code>MIDlet</code>.
     * This method bypasses the class loader specific checks
     * needed by the <code>Installer</code>.
     * @param midletSuite MIDlet suite for the suite registering,
     *                   the suite only has to implement isRegistered,
     *                   checkForPermission, and getID.
     * @param connection generic connection <em>protocol</em>, <em>host</em>
     *               and <em>port number</em>
     *               (optional parameters may be included
     *               separated with semi-colons (;))
     * @param midlet  class name of the <code>MIDlet</code> to be launched,
     *               when new external data is available
     * @param filter a connection URL string indicating which senders
     *               are allowed to cause the MIDlet to be launched
     * @param bypassChecks if true, bypass the permission checks,
     *         used by the installer when redo old connections during an
     *         aborted update
     * @exception  IllegalArgumentException if the connection string is not
     *               valid
     * @exception ConnectionNotFoundException if the runtime system does not
     *              support push delivery for the requested
     *              connection protocol
     * @exception IOException if the connection is already
     *              registered or if there are insufficient resources
     *              to handle the registration request
     * @exception ClassNotFoundException if the <code>MIDlet</code> class
     *               name can not be found in the current
     *               <code>MIDlet</code> suite
     * @exception SecurityException if the <code>MIDlet</code> does not
     *              have permission to register a connection
     * @see #unregisterConnection
    public static void registerConnectionInternal(
            final MIDletSuite midletSuite,
            final String connection,
            final String midlet,
            final String filter,
            final boolean bypassChecks)
                throws ClassNotFoundException, IOException {
        throw new ConnectionNotFoundException("not supported");

     * Initializes the security token for this class, so it can
     * perform actions that a normal MIDlet Suite cannot.
     * @param token security token for this class.
    public static void initSecurityToken(final SecurityToken token) {

     * Return a list of registered connections for given
     * <code>MIDlet</code> suite.
     * @param id identifies the specific <code>MIDlet</code>
     *               suite to be launched
     * @param available if <code>true</code>, only return the list of
     *      connections with input available
     * @return string representing an array of connection strings,
     *       where each connection is represented by the generic connection
     *       <em>protocol</em>, <em>host</em> and <em>port number</em>
     *       identification
    public static String listConnections(
            final int id,
            final boolean available) {
        return "";

     * Unregister all the connections for a <code>MIDlet</code> suite.
     * @param id identifies the specific <code>MIDlet</code>
     *               suite
    public static void unregisterConnections(final int id) {

     * Sets the flag which enables push launches to take place.
     * @param enable set to <code>true</code> to enable launching
     *  of MIDlets based on alarms and connection notification
     *  events, otherwise set to <code>false</code> to disable
     *  launches
    public static void enablePushLaunch(final boolean enable) {