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public abstract class ChangeRecord extends Object implements Serializable, oracle.toplink.essentials.changesets.ChangeRecord

Purpose: This class was designed as a superclass to all possible Change Record types. These Change Records holds the changes made to the objects

KnownSubclasses prototype.changeset.CollectionChangeRecord,prototype.changeset.DirectToFieldChangeRecord,prototype.changeset.SingleObjectChangeRecord

Fields Summary
protected String
This is the attribute name that this change record represents
protected transient DatabaseMapping
This attribute stores the mapping allong with the attribute so that the mapping does not need to be looked up
protected ObjectChangeSet
This is the object change set that holds this record
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public java.lang.StringgetAttribute()
ADVANCED: Returns the name of the attribute this ChangeRecord Represents


        return attribute;
public DatabaseMappinggetMapping()
ADVANCED: Returns the mapping for the attribute this ChangeRecord Represents

        return mapping;
public oracle.toplink.essentials.changesets.ObjectChangeSetgetOwner()
Insert the method's description here. Creation date: (5/30/00 3:42:14 PM)


        return (oracle.toplink.essentials.changesets.ObjectChangeSet)owner;
public abstract voidmergeRecord(oracle.toplink.essentials.internal.sessions.ChangeRecord mergeFromRecord, UnitOfWorkChangeSet mergeToChangeSet, UnitOfWorkChangeSet mergeFromChangeSet)
INTERNAL: This method will be used to merge one record into another

public voidprepareForSynchronization(oracle.toplink.essentials.internal.sessions.AbstractSession session)
INTERNAL: Ensure this change record is ready to by sent remotely for cache synchronization In general, this means setting the CacheSynchronizationType on any ObjectChangeSets associated with this ChangeRecord

public voidsetAttribute(java.lang.String newValue)
Sets the name of the attribute that this Record represents

newValue java.lang.String

        this.attribute = newValue;
public voidsetMapping(DatabaseMapping mapping)
Sets the mapping for the attribute that this Record represents

        this.mapping = mapping;
public voidsetOwner(ObjectChangeSet newOwner)
INTERNAL: This method is used to set the ObjectChangeSet that uses this Record in that Record

newOwner prototype.changeset.ObjectChangeSet The changeSet that uses this record

        owner = newOwner;
public java.lang.StringtoString()

        return this.getClass().getName() + "(" + getAttribute() + ")";
public voidupdateChangeRecordWithNewValue(java.lang.Object newValue)
INTERNAL: used by the record to update the new value ignores the value in the default implementation

        //no op
public abstract voidupdateReferences(UnitOfWorkChangeSet mergeToChangeSet, UnitOfWorkChangeSet mergeFromChangeSet)
INTERNAL: This method will be used to update the objectsChangeSets references