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public interface ServiceDesc implements Serializable

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public voidaddOperationDesc(OperationDesc operation)

public java.util.ListgetAllowedMethods()

public java.lang.StringgetDefaultNamespace()

public java.util.ListgetDisallowedMethods()

public java.lang.StringgetDocumentation()
get the documentation for the service

public java.lang.StringgetEndpointURL()

public java.lang.StringgetName()
the name of the service

public OperationDescgetOperationByElementQName(javax.xml.namespace.QName qname)
Map an XML QName to an operation. Returns the first one it finds in the case of mulitple matches.

null for no match

public OperationDescgetOperationByName(java.lang.String methodName)
Return an operation matching the given method name. Note that if we have multiple overloads for this method, we will return the first one.

null for no match

public java.util.ArrayListgetOperations()
get all the operations as a list of OperationDescs. this method triggers an evaluation of the valid operations by introspection, so use sparingly

reference to the operations array. This is not a copy

public OperationDesc[]getOperationsByName(java.lang.String methodName)
get all overloaded operations by name

null for no match, or an array of OperationDesc objects

public OperationDesc[]getOperationsByQName(javax.xml.namespace.QName qname)
Return all operations which match this QName (i.e. get all the overloads)

null for no match

public java.lang.ObjectgetProperty(java.lang.String name)

public org.apache.axis.constants.StylegetStyle()
What kind of service is this?


public org.apache.axis.encoding.TypeMappinggetTypeMapping()

public org.apache.axis.encoding.TypeMappingRegistrygetTypeMappingRegistry()

public org.apache.axis.constants.UsegetUse()
What kind of use is this?


public java.lang.StringgetWSDLFile()
the wsdl file of the service. When null, it means that the wsdl should be autogenerated

filename or null

public booleanisInitialized()

public booleanisWrapped()
Determine whether or not this is a "wrapped" invocation, i.e. whether the outermost XML element of the "main" body element represents a method call, with the immediate children of that element representing arguments to the method.

true if this is wrapped (i.e. RPC or WRAPPED style), false otherwise

public voidremoveOperationDesc(OperationDesc operation)

public voidsetAllowedMethods(java.util.List allowedMethods)

public voidsetDefaultNamespace(java.lang.String namespace)

public voidsetDisallowedMethods(java.util.List disallowedMethods)

public voidsetDocumentation(java.lang.String documentation)
set the documentation for the service

public voidsetEndpointURL(java.lang.String endpointURL)

public voidsetName(java.lang.String name)
the name of the service


public voidsetNamespaceMappings(java.util.List namespaces)

public voidsetProperty(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object value)

public voidsetStyle(org.apache.axis.constants.Style style)

public voidsetTypeMapping(org.apache.axis.encoding.TypeMapping tm)

public voidsetTypeMappingRegistry(org.apache.axis.encoding.TypeMappingRegistry tmr)

public voidsetUse(org.apache.axis.constants.Use use)

public voidsetWSDLFile(java.lang.String wsdlFileName)
set the wsdl file of the service; this causes the named file to be returned on a ?wsdl, probe, not introspection generated wsdl.

wsdlFileName filename or null to re-enable introspection