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public class SimpleTokenManager extends Object implements Cloneable, TokenManager

Fields Summary
protected int
protected persistence.antlr.collections.impl.Vector
private Hashtable
protected Tool
protected String
protected boolean
Constructors Summary
SimpleTokenManager(String name_, Tool tool_)

        antlrTool = tool_;
        name = name_;
        // Don't make a bigger vector than we need, because it will show up in output sets.
        vocabulary = new Vector(1);
        table = new Hashtable();

        // define EOF symbol
        TokenSymbol ts = new TokenSymbol("EOF");

        // define <null-tree-lookahead> but only in the vocabulary vector
        vocabulary.setElementAt("NULL_TREE_LOOKAHEAD", Token.NULL_TREE_LOOKAHEAD);
Methods Summary
public java.lang.Objectclone()

        SimpleTokenManager tm;
        try {
            tm = (SimpleTokenManager)super.clone();
            tm.vocabulary = (Vector)this.vocabulary.clone();
            tm.table = (Hashtable)this.table.clone();
            tm.maxToken = this.maxToken;
            tm.antlrTool = this.antlrTool;
        catch (CloneNotSupportedException e) {
            antlrTool.panic("cannot clone token manager");
            return null;
        return tm;
public voiddefine(TokenSymbol ts)
define a token

        // Add the symbol to the vocabulary vector
        vocabulary.setElementAt(ts.getId(), ts.getTokenType());
        // add the symbol to the hash table
        mapToTokenSymbol(ts.getId(), ts);
public java.lang.StringgetName()
Simple token manager doesn't have a name -- must be set externally

        return name;
public java.lang.StringgetTokenStringAt(int idx)
Get a token symbol by index

        return (String)vocabulary.elementAt(idx);
public TokenSymbolgetTokenSymbol(java.lang.String sym)
Get the TokenSymbol for a string

        return (TokenSymbol)table.get(sym);
public TokenSymbolgetTokenSymbolAt(int idx)
Get a token symbol by index

        return getTokenSymbol(getTokenStringAt(idx));
public java.util.EnumerationgetTokenSymbolElements()
Get an enumerator over the symbol table

        return table.elements();
public java.util.EnumerationgetTokenSymbolKeys()

        return table.keys();
public persistence.antlr.collections.impl.VectorgetVocabulary()
Get the token vocabulary (read-only).

A Vector of TokenSymbol

        return vocabulary;
public booleanisReadOnly()
Simple token manager is not read-only

        return false;
public voidmapToTokenSymbol(java.lang.String name, TokenSymbol sym)
Map a label or string to an existing token symbol

        // System.out.println("mapToTokenSymbol("+name+","+sym+")");
        table.put(name, sym);
public intmaxTokenType()
Get the highest token type in use

        return maxToken - 1;
public intnextTokenType()
Get the next unused token type

        return maxToken++;
public voidsetName(java.lang.String name_)
Set the name of the token manager

        name = name_;
public voidsetReadOnly(boolean ro)

        readOnly = ro;
public booleantokenDefined(java.lang.String symbol)
Is a token symbol defined?

        return table.containsKey(symbol);