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public interface XMLLocator
Location information.
Andy Clark, IBM
$Id:,v 1.9 2003/03/26 04:08:25 neilg Exp $

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public java.lang.StringgetBaseSystemId()
Returns the base system identifier.

public intgetColumnNumber()
Returns the column number.

public java.lang.StringgetEncoding()
Returns the encoding of the current entity. Note that, for a given entity, this value can only be considered final once the encoding declaration has been read (or once it has been determined that there is no such declaration) since, no encoding having been specified on the XMLInputSource, the parser will make an initial "guess" which could be in error.

public java.lang.StringgetExpandedSystemId()
Returns the expanded system identifier.

public intgetLineNumber()
Returns the line number.

public java.lang.StringgetLiteralSystemId()
Returns the literal system identifier.

public java.lang.StringgetPublicId()
Returns the public identifier.