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public interface GroupManagementServiceConfig implements ConfigElement, PropertiesAccess,
Configuration for the <group-management-service> for a <config> in a domain. This element controls the behavior of the group management service used for cluster monitoring and failure detection.
Appserver 9.0

Fields Summary
public static final String
The j2eeType as returned by {@link}.
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public java.lang.StringgetFDProtocolMaxTries()
Return the FD protocol tries. This is the maximum number of attempts to try before GMS confirms that a failure is suspected in the group.

positive integer specifying the number of such attempts

public java.lang.StringgetFDProtocolTimeoutMillis()

public java.lang.StringgetMergeProtocolMaxIntervalMillis()

public java.lang.StringgetMergeProtocolMinIntervalMillis()

public java.lang.StringgetPingProtocolTimeoutMillis()

public java.lang.StringgetVSProtocolTimeoutMillis()

public voidsetFDProtocolMaxTries(java.lang.String tries)
Set the FD protocol tries to the specified positive integer value. Must be a positive integer.

tries a positive integer specifying the number of attempts

public voidsetFDProtocolTimeoutMillis(java.lang.String duration)

public voidsetMergeProtocolMaxIntervalMillis(java.lang.String duration)

public voidsetMergeProtocolMinIntervalMillis(java.lang.String duration)

public voidsetPingProtocolTimeoutMillis(java.lang.String duration)

public voidsetVSProtocolTimeoutMillis(java.lang.String duration)