QueryNode.javaAPI DocGlassfish v2 API3829Tue May 22 16:54:38 BST 2007oracle.toplink.essentials.internal.parsing


public abstract class QueryNode extends MajorNode
INTERNAL: This node contains the information about what kind of query is represented it's tree (e.g. Select, Update etc.) Subclasses of this node will contain query specific behavior.

Fields Summary
private ParseTree
Constructors Summary
public QueryNode()

Methods Summary
public abstract voidapplyToQuery(DatabaseQuery theQuery, GenerationContext context)
INTERNAL Apply this node to the passed query

public abstract DatabaseQuerycreateDatabaseQuery(ParseTreeContext context)
INTERNAL Returns a DatabaseQuery instance according to the kind of the query the owning ParseTree represents: SELECT, UPDATE or DELETE.

public abstract ExpressiongenerateExpression(GenerationContext context)
INTERNAL Return a TopLink expression generated using the left node

public ParseTreegetParseTree()

        return parseTree;
public java.lang.ClassgetReferenceClass(GenerationContext genContext)
Compute the Reference class for this query

the class this query is querying for

        return resolveClass(genContext);
public booleanisDeleteNode()

        return false;
public booleanisSelectNode()

        return false;
public booleanisUpdateNode()

        return false;
public abstract java.lang.ClassresolveClass(GenerationContext context)
Return the class represented in this node.

public voidsetParseTree(ParseTree parseTree)
Set the parseTree

        this.parseTree = parseTree;