ModifyQuery.javaAPI DocGlassfish v2 API3806Tue May 22 16:54:50 BST 2007oracle.toplink.essentials.queryframework


public abstract class ModifyQuery extends DatabaseQuery

Purpose: Abstract class for all modify queries. Currently contains no behavoir.

Yvon Lavoie
TOPLink/Java 1.0

Fields Summary
protected oracle.toplink.essentials.internal.sessions.AbstractRecord
protected boolean
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public booleanforceBatchStatementExecution()
PUBLIC: Returns if this query has been set to flush on execution.


        return forceBatchStatementExecution;
public oracle.toplink.essentials.internal.sessions.AbstractRecordgetModifyRow()
INTERNAL: Return the modify row

        return modifyRow;
public booleanisModifyQuery()
PUBLIC: Return if this is a modify query.

        return true;
public voidsetForceBatchStatementExecution(boolean value)
PUBLIC: Allow setting this query to be the last statement added to a batch statement and ensure it is flushed on execution. Setting to true will cause the batch statement to be sent to the database. Default setting of false causes the batch statement execution to be delayed to allow additional statements to be added. Setting to true reduces the efficiency of batch writting. This has no effect if batch writing is not enabled.

        this.forceBatchStatementExecution = value;
public voidsetModifyRow(oracle.toplink.essentials.internal.sessions.AbstractRecord row)
INTERNAL: Set the modify row

        modifyRow = row;