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public final class TotalCaptureResult extends CaptureResult

The total assembled results of a single image capture from the image sensor.

Contains the final configuration for the capture hardware (sensor, lens, flash), the processing pipeline, the control algorithms, and the output buffers.

A {@code TotalCaptureResult} is produced by a {@link CameraDevice} after processing a {@link CaptureRequest}. All properties listed for capture requests can also be queried on the capture result, to determine the final values used for capture. The result also includes additional metadata about the state of the camera device during the capture.

All properties returned by {@link CameraCharacteristics#getAvailableCaptureResultKeys()} are available (that is {@link CaptureResult#get} will return non-{@code null}, if and only if that key that was enabled by the request. A few keys such as {@link CaptureResult#STATISTICS_FACES} are disabled by default unless enabled with a switch (such as {@link CaptureRequest#STATISTICS_FACE_DETECT_MODE}). Refer to each key documentation on a case-by-case basis.

{@link TotalCaptureResult} objects are immutable.


Fields Summary
private final List
Constructors Summary
public TotalCaptureResult(android.hardware.camera2.impl.CameraMetadataNative results, CaptureRequest parent, android.hardware.camera2.impl.CaptureResultExtras extras, List partials)
Takes ownership of the passed-in camera metadata and the partial results

partials a list of partial results; {@code null} will be substituted for an empty list

        super(results, parent, extras);

        if (partials == null) {
            mPartialResults = new ArrayList<>();
        } else {
            mPartialResults = partials;
public TotalCaptureResult(android.hardware.camera2.impl.CameraMetadataNative results, int sequenceId)
Creates a request-less result.

For testing only.


        super(results, sequenceId);

        mPartialResults = new ArrayList<>();
Methods Summary
public java.util.ListgetPartialResults()
Get the read-only list of partial results that compose this total result.

The list is returned is unmodifiable; attempting to modify it will result in a {@code UnsupportedOperationException} being thrown.

The list size will be inclusive between {@code 0} and {@link CameraCharacteristics#REQUEST_PARTIAL_RESULT_COUNT}, with elements in ascending order of when {@link CameraCaptureSession.CaptureCallback#onCaptureProgressed} was invoked.

unmodifiable list of partial results

        return Collections.unmodifiableList(mPartialResults);