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public final class TvContentRatingSystemInfo extends Object implements android.os.Parcelable
TvContentRatingSystemInfo class provides information about a specific TV content rating system defined either by a system app or by a third-party app.

Fields Summary
private final
private final
public static final Parcelable.Creator
Used to make this class parcelable.
Constructors Summary
private TvContentRatingSystemInfo( xmlUri, applicationInfo)

        mXmlUri = xmlUri;
        mApplicationInfo = applicationInfo;
private TvContentRatingSystemInfo(android.os.Parcel in)

        mXmlUri = in.readParcelable(null);
        mApplicationInfo = in.readParcelable(null);
Methods Summary
public static final xmlResourceId, applicationInfo)
Creates a TvContentRatingSystemInfo object with given resource ID and receiver info.

xmlResourceId The ID of an XML resource whose root element is <rating-system-definitions>
applicationInfo Information about the application that provides the TV content rating system definition.

        Uri uri = new Uri.Builder()
        return new TvContentRatingSystemInfo(uri, applicationInfo);
public intdescribeContents()

        return 0;
public final
Returns the URI to the XML resource that defines the TV content rating system. TODO: Remove. Instead, parse the XML resource and provide an interface to directly access parsed information.

        return mXmlUri;
public final booleanisSystemDefined()
Returns {@code true} if the TV content rating system is defined by a system app, {@code false} otherwise.

        return (mApplicationInfo.flags & ApplicationInfo.FLAG_SYSTEM) != 0;
public voidwriteToParcel(android.os.Parcel dest, int flags)

        dest.writeParcelable(mXmlUri, flags);
        dest.writeParcelable(mApplicationInfo, flags);