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public class DummyDelegate extends DelegateBase
Delegate which delegates to another MBean. This is a dummy delegate which is used when the remote server instance is yet to be started.

Fields Summary
public static DummyDelegate
Constructors Summary
private DummyDelegate()

	    super( DummyDelegate.class.getName(), null);
Methods Summary
public java.lang.ObjectgetAttribute(java.lang.String attrName)

		return null;
public synchronized

		if ( INSTANCE == null )
			INSTANCE = new DummyDelegate();
		return( INSTANCE );

		return null;
public final java.lang.Objectinvoke(java.lang.String operationName, java.lang.Object[] args, java.lang.String[] types)

		return null;
public voidsetAttribute( attr)

		throw new AttributeNotFoundException("no attributes defined for dummy delegate");