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public final class Boolean extends Object
The Boolean class wraps a value of the primitive type boolean in an object. An object of type Boolean contains a single field whose type is boolean.
12/17/01 (CLDC 1.1)
JDK1.0, CLDC 1.0

Fields Summary
public static final Boolean
The Boolean object corresponding to the primitive value true.
public static final Boolean
The Boolean object corresponding to the primitive value false.
private boolean
The value of the Boolean.
Constructors Summary
public Boolean(boolean value)
Allocates a Boolean object representing the value argument.

value the value of the Boolean.

        this.value = value;
Methods Summary
public booleanbooleanValue()
Returns the value of this Boolean object as a boolean primitive.

the primitive boolean value of this object.

        return value;
public booleanequals(java.lang.Object obj)
Returns true if and only if the argument is not null and is a Boolean object that represents the same boolean value as this object.

obj the object to compare with.
true if the Boolean objects represent the same value; false otherwise.

        if (obj instanceof Boolean) {
            return value == ((Boolean)obj).booleanValue();
        return false;
public inthashCode()
Returns a hash code for this Boolean object.

the integer 1231 if this object represents true; returns the integer 1237 if this object represents false.

        return value ? 1231 : 1237;
public java.lang.StringtoString()
Returns a String object representing this Boolean's value. If this object represents the value true, a string equal to "true" is returned. Otherwise, a string equal to "false" is returned.

a string representation of this object.

      return value ? "true" : "false";