PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer.javaAPI DocJava SE 5 API3632Fri Aug 26 14:57:46 BST 2005javax.print.attribute.standard


public final class PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer extends URISyntax implements PrintServiceAttribute
Class PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer is a printing attribute class, a URI, that is used to obtain more information about this type of device. The information obtained from this URI is intended for end user consumption. Features outside the scope of the Print Service API can be accessed from this URI (e.g., latest firmware, upgrades, service proxies, optional features available, details on color support). The information is intended to be germane to this kind of printer without regard to site specific modifications or services.

IPP Compatibility: The string form returned by toString() gives the IPP uri value. The category name returned by getName() gives the IPP attribute name.

Alan Kaminsky

Fields Summary
private static final long
Constructors Summary
public PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer(URI uri)
Constructs a new printer more info manufacturer attribute with the specified URI.

uri URI.
NullPointerException (unchecked exception) Thrown if uri is null.

	super (uri);
Methods Summary
public booleanequals(java.lang.Object object)
Returns whether this printer more info manufacturer attribute is equivalent to the passed in object. To be equivalent, all of the following conditions must be true:
  1. object is not null.
  2. object is an instance of class PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer.
  3. This printer more info manufacturer attribute's URI and object's URI are equal.

object Object to compare to.
True if object is equivalent to this printer more info manufacturer attribute, false otherwise.

	return (super.equals(object) &&
		object instanceof PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer);
public final java.lang.ClassgetCategory()
Get the printing attribute class which is to be used as the "category" for this printing attribute value.

For class PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer, the category is class PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer itself.

Printing attribute class (category), an instance of class {@link java.lang.Class java.lang.Class}.

	return PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer.class;
public final java.lang.StringgetName()
Get the name of the category of which this attribute value is an instance.

For class PrinterMoreInfoManufacturer, the category name is "printer-more-info-manufacturer".

Attribute category name.

	return "printer-more-info-manufacturer";