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public interface Call implements Serializable, Cloneable
Call defines the interface used primarily by TopLink queries and query mechanisms to perform the necessary actions (read, insert, update, delete) on the data store. A Call can collaborate with an Accessor to perform its responsibilities. The only explicit requirement of a Call is that it be able to supply the appropriate query mechanism for performing its duties. Otherwise, the Call is pretty much unrestricted as to how it should perform its responsibilities.
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TOPLink/Java 3.0

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public DatabaseQueryMechanismbuildNewQueryMechanism(DatabaseQuery query)
INTERNAL: Return the appropriate mechanism, with the call set as necessary.

public DatabaseQueryMechanismbuildQueryMechanism(DatabaseQuery query, DatabaseQueryMechanism mechanism)
INTERNAL: Return the appropriate mechanism, with the call added as necessary.

public java.lang.Objectclone()
INTERNAL: Return a clone of the call.

public java.lang.StringgetLogString(oracle.toplink.essentials.internal.databaseaccess.Accessor accessor)
INTERNAL: Return a string appropriate for the session log.

public booleanisFinished()
INTERNAL: Return whether the call is finished returning all of its results (e.g. a call that returns a cursor will answer false).