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public interface Keyframes implements Cloneable
This interface abstracts a collection of Keyframe objects and is called by ValueAnimator to calculate values between those keyframes for a given animation.

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public android.animation.Keyframesclone()

public java.util.ListgetKeyframes()

A list of all Keyframes contained by this. This may return null if this is not made up of Keyframes.

public java.lang.ClassgetType()

The value type contained by the contained Keyframes.

public java.lang.ObjectgetValue(float fraction)
Gets the animated value, given the elapsed fraction of the animation (interpolated by the animation's interpolator) and the evaluator used to calculate in-between values. This function maps the input fraction to the appropriate keyframe interval and a fraction between them and returns the interpolated value. Note that the input fraction may fall outside the [0-1] bounds, if the animation's interpolator made that happen (e.g., a spring interpolation that might send the fraction past 1.0). We handle this situation by just using the two keyframes at the appropriate end when the value is outside those bounds.

fraction The elapsed fraction of the animation
The animated value.

public voidinvalidateCache()
If subclass has variables that it calculates based on the Keyframes, it should reset them when this method is called because Keyframe contents might have changed.

public voidsetEvaluator(TypeEvaluator evaluator)
Sets the TypeEvaluator to be used when calculating animated values. This object is required only for Keyframes that are not either IntKeyframes or FloatKeyframes, both of which assume their own evaluator to speed up calculations with those primitive types.

evaluator The TypeEvaluator to be used to calculate animated values.