ManagedJ2EEServlet.javaAPI DocGlassfish v2 API3488Fri May 04 22:33:56 BST 2007com.sun.enterprise.admin.server.core.mbean.config


public class ManagedJ2EEServlet extends AdminBase
Represents a manageable J2EE servlet. Servlet will expose some manageable attributes defined by its descriptor and they will be made available. For every Servlet that is loaded by a running Server Instance, there will be a correponding MBean registered in the MBeanServer. Note that the life cycle of Servlet is not manageable by this interface, because it is not exposed by its descriptor.

The Servlet can be running as a part of deployed application or an independently deployed module. In case the servlet is loaded from an independently deployed module, the application name (in the ObjectName) is treated as default application name or null.

Object Name of this MBean is: ias:type=J2EEServlet, AppName=, ModuleName=, ServletName=

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protected java.lang.ClassgetImplementingClass()
Every resource MBean should override this method to execute specific operations on the MBean. This method is enhanced in 8.0. It was a no-op in 7.0. In 8.0, it is modified to invoke the actual method through reflection.


        return ( this.getClass() );
protected java.lang.ObjectgetImplementingMBean()
Reflection requires the implementing object.

        return ( this );