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public interface AMXConfig implements
All Config MBeans must extend this interface, whether they represent elements or whether they are managers. Extending this interface implies that the class is part of the API for configuration.

All AMXConfig s are required to implement NotificationEmitter. A Config must issue {@link} when changes are made to the configuration.

Fields Summary
public final String
The type of the Notification emitted when a config element is created.
public final String
The type of the Notification emitted when a config element is removed.
public final String
The key within the Notification's Map of type CONFIG_REMOVED_NOTIFICATION_TYPE which yields the ObjectName of the created or removed config.
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public java.lang.StringgetDefaultValue(java.lang.String name)
Get the default value of an Attribute. Works only for Attributes which have default values, and which are part of the configuration.

name the name of the configuration Attribute