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public interface EJBModuleConfig implements, ModuleConfig, Libraries, WebServiceEndpointConfigCR
Configuration for the <ejb-module> element.

Fields Summary
public static final String
The j2eeType as returned by {@link}.
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public booleangetAvailabilityEnabled()
This boolean flag controls whether availability is enabled for SFSB checkpointing (and potentially passivation). If this is "false", then all SFSB checkpointing is disabled for either the given j2ee app or the given ejb module. If it is "true" (and providing that all the availability-enabled attributes above in precedence are also "true", then the j2ee app or stand-alone ejb modules may be ha enabled. Finer-grained control exists at lower level inside each bean.


public java.util.MapgetWebServiceEndpointConfigMap()

public voidsetAvailabilityEnabled(boolean enabled)