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public final class OverviewInfoPart extends
Generic info section part for overview page: it displays all the attributes from the manifest element.

Fields Summary
private org.eclipse.ui.forms.IManagedForm
Constructors Summary
public OverviewInfoPart(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite body, org.eclipse.ui.forms.widgets.FormToolkit toolkit, editor)

        super(body, toolkit, editor,
                getManifestUiNode(editor),  // uiElementNode
                "Manifest General Attributes", // section title
                "Defines general information about the AndroidManifest.xml", // section description
                Section.TWISTIE | Section.EXPANDED);
Methods Summary
protected voidcreateFormControls(org.eclipse.ui.forms.IManagedForm managedForm)
Overridden in order to capture the current managed form. {@inheritDoc}

        mManagedForm = managedForm; 
private static editor)
Retrieves the UiElementNode that this part will edit. The node must exist and can't be null, by design, because it's a mandatory node.

        AndroidManifestDescriptors manifestDescriptors = editor.getManifestDescriptors();
        if (manifestDescriptors != null) {
            ElementDescriptor desc = manifestDescriptors.getManifestElement();
            if (editor.getUiRootNode().getDescriptor() == desc) {
                return editor.getUiRootNode();
            } else {
                return editor.getUiRootNode().findUiChildNode(desc.getXmlName());
        // No manifest descriptor: we have a dummy UiRootNode, so we return that.
        // The editor will be reloaded once we have the proper descriptors anyway.
        return editor.getUiRootNode();
public voidonSdkChanged()
Removes any existing Attribute UI widgets and recreate them if the SDK has changed.

This is called by {@link OverviewPage#refreshUiApplicationNode()} when the SDK has changed.