DynamicInterceptorRegistrationHook.javaAPI DocGlassfish v2 API3369Fri May 04 22:25:40 BST 2007com.sun.enterprise.interceptor


public interface DynamicInterceptorRegistrationHook
Allows registration of MBeans dynamically for a restricted set of MBeanServer methods. These include:
  • isRegistered
  • getClassLoaderFor
Other methods such as get/setAttribute(s) and invoke() are not supported.

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public booleanregistrationHook( server, objectName)
Called when an MBean is not registered. If desired, the MBean may be registered. Note that nothing precludes another thread from registering the specified MBean at any time, and thus registrationHook() could be called with the MBean already registered.

MBeanServer the MBeanServer in which the missing MBean should be registered
ObjectName the ObjectName of the non-registered MBean
true if the MBean is now presnt.