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public class AccountAuthenticatorActivity extends
Base class for implementing an Activity that is used to help implement an AbstractAccountAuthenticator. If the AbstractAccountAuthenticator needs to use an activity to handle the request then it can have the activity extend AccountAuthenticatorActivity. The AbstractAccountAuthenticator passes in the response to the intent using the following:
intent.putExtra({@link AccountManager#KEY_ACCOUNT_AUTHENTICATOR_RESPONSE}, response);
The activity then sets the result that is to be handed to the response via {@link #setAccountAuthenticatorResult(android.os.Bundle)}. This result will be sent as the result of the request when the activity finishes. If this is never set or if it is set to null then error {@link AccountManager#ERROR_CODE_CANCELED} will be called on the response.

Fields Summary
private AccountAuthenticatorResponse
private android.os.Bundle
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public voidfinish()
Sends the result or a Constants.ERROR_CODE_CANCELED error if a result isn't present.

        if (mAccountAuthenticatorResponse != null) {
            // send the result bundle back if set, otherwise send an error.
            if (mResultBundle != null) {
            } else {
            mAccountAuthenticatorResponse = null;
protected voidonCreate(android.os.Bundle icicle)
Retreives the AccountAuthenticatorResponse from either the intent of the icicle, if the icicle is non-zero.

icicle the save instance data of this Activity, may be null


        mAccountAuthenticatorResponse =

        if (mAccountAuthenticatorResponse != null) {
public final voidsetAccountAuthenticatorResult(android.os.Bundle result)
Set the result that is to be sent as the result of the request that caused this Activity to be launched. If result is null or this method is never called then the request will be canceled.

result this is returned as the result of the AbstractAccountAuthenticator request

        mResultBundle = result;