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public class ActionParser extends Object implements ResourceParser
This class parses an Action object from a GUIResourceBundle. The specified key is used to look up the Command string for the action. The key is also used as a prefix for other resource names that specify other attributes (such as the label and icon) associated with the Action. An action named "zoomOut" might be specified like this: zoomOut: zoom(0.5); zoomOut.label: Zoom Out zoomOut.description: Zoom out by a factor of 2 Because Action objects are often reused by an application (for example in a toolbar and a menu system, this ResourceParser caches the Action objects it returns. By sharing Action objects, you can disable and enable an action and that change will affect the entire GUI.

Fields Summary
static final Class[]
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public java.lang.Class[]getResourceTypes()

        return supportedTypes; 
public java.lang.Objectparse(GUIResourceBundle bundle, java.lang.String key, java.lang.Class type)

	// Look up the Action cache associated with this bundle
	HashMap cache = (HashMap) bundleToCacheMap.get(bundle);
	if (cache == null) {  // If there isn't one, create one and save it
	    cache = new HashMap();
	    bundleToCacheMap.put(bundle, cache);
	// Now look up the Action associated with the key in the cache.
	Action action = (Action) cache.get(key);
	// If we found a cached action, return it.
	if (action != null) return action;

	// If there was no cached action create one.  The command is
	// the only required resource.  It will throw an exception if
	// missing or malformed.
	Command command = (Command) bundle.getResource(key, Command.class);

	// The remaining calls all supply default values, so they will not
	// throw exceptions, even if ResourceParsers haven't been registered
	// for types like Icon and KeyStroke
	String label = bundle.getString(key + ".label", null);
	Icon icon = (Icon) bundle.getResource(key + ".icon", Icon.class, null);
	String tooltip = bundle.getString(key + ".description", null);
	KeyStroke accelerator = 
	    (KeyStroke) bundle.getResource(key + ".accelerator", 
					   KeyStroke.class, null);
	int mnemonic = bundle.getInt(key + ".mnemonic", KeyEvent.VK_UNDEFINED);
	boolean enabled = bundle.getBoolean(key + ".enabled", true);

	// Create a CommandAction object with these values
	action = new CommandAction(command, label, icon, tooltip,
				   accelerator, mnemonic, enabled);

	// Save it in the cache, then return it
	cache.put(key, action);
	return action;