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package org.apache.jasper.runtime;

import javax.el.ELContext;
import javax.el.ELResolver;
import javax.el.FunctionMapper;
import javax.el.VariableMapper;

 * Concrete implementation of {@link javax.el.ELContext}.
 * ELContext's constructor is protected to control creation of ELContext
 * objects through their appropriate factory methods.  This version of
 * ELContext forces construction through JspApplicationContextImpl.
 * @author Mark Roth
 * @author Kin-man Chung
public class ELContextImpl 
    extends ELContext
     * Constructs a new ELContext associated with the given ELResolver.
    public ELContextImpl(ELResolver resolver) {
        this.resolver = resolver;

    public ELResolver getELResolver() {
        return resolver;

    public void setFunctionMapper(FunctionMapper fnMapper) {
        functionMapper = fnMapper;

    public FunctionMapper getFunctionMapper() {
        return functionMapper;

    public void setVariableMapper(VariableMapper varMapper) {
        variableMapper = varMapper;

    public VariableMapper getVariableMapper() {
        return variableMapper;

    private FunctionMapper functionMapper;
    private VariableMapper variableMapper;
    private ELResolver resolver;