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public class UniversalActionListener extends Object implements ActionListener

Fields Summary
protected Object
protected Object
protected Method
Constructors Summary
public UniversalActionListener(Object target, String methodname, Object arg) = target;                            // Save the target object.
    this.arg = arg;                                  // And method argument.

    // Now look up and save the Method to invoke on that target object
    Class c, parameters[];
    c = target.getClass();                           // The Class object.
    if (arg == null) parameters = new Class[0];      // Method parameter.
    else parameters = new Class[] { arg.getClass() };
    m = c.getMethod(methodname, parameters);         // Find matching method.
Methods Summary
public voidactionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent event)

    Object[] arguments;
    if (arg == null) arguments = new Object[0];      // Set up arguments.
    else arguments = new Object[] { arg };
    try { m.invoke(target, arguments); }             // And invoke the method.
    catch (IllegalAccessException e) {               // Should never happen.
      System.err.println("UniversalActionListener: " + e);
    } catch (InvocationTargetException e) {          // Should never happen.
      System.err.println("UniversalActionListener: " + e);
public static voidmain(java.lang.String[] args)

    Frame f = new Frame("UniversalActionListener Test");// Create window.
    f.setLayout(new FlowLayout());                      // Set layout manager.
    Button b1 = new Button("tick");                     // Create buttons.
    Button b2 = new Button("tock");
    Button b3 = new Button("Close Window");
    f.add(b1); f.add(b2); f.add(b3);                    // Add them to window.

    // Specify what the buttons do.  Invoke a named method with
    // the UniversalActionListener object.
    b1.addActionListener(new UniversalActionListener(b1, "setLabel", "tock"));
    b1.addActionListener(new UniversalActionListener(b2, "setLabel", "tick"));
    b1.addActionListener(new UniversalActionListener(b3, "hide", null));
    b2.addActionListener(new UniversalActionListener(b1, "setLabel", "tick"));
    b2.addActionListener(new UniversalActionListener(b2, "setLabel", "tock"));
    b2.addActionListener(new UniversalActionListener(b3, "show", null));
    b3.addActionListener(new UniversalActionListener(f, "dispose", null));

    f.pack();                                             // Set window size.;                                             // And pop it up.