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public interface EJBQuery implements javax.persistence.Query
PUBLIC: TopLInk specific EJB 3.0 query interface. Provides the functionality defined in javax.persistence.Query and adds access to the underlying database query for TopLink specific functionality.

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public oracle.toplink.essentials.queryframework.DatabaseQuerygetDatabaseQuery()
PUBLIC: Return the cached database query for this EJBQueryImpl. If the query is a named query and it has not yet been looked up, the query will be looked up and stored as the cached query.

public EntityManagergetEntityManager()
PUBLIC: return the EntityManager for this query

public java.util.CollectiongetResultCollection()
PUBLIC: Non-standard method to return results of a ReadQuery that has a containerPoliry that returns objects as a collection rather than a List

Collection of results

public voidsetDatabaseQuery(oracle.toplink.essentials.queryframework.DatabaseQuery query)
PUBLIC: Replace the cached query with the given query.