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public class Message extends Object implements Serializable
Base class for generic message exchange where messages are modeled as a list of parameters. There is no explicit type to the message, just the list ParamList.

Fields Summary
public static long
private ParamList
Constructors Summary
public Message()
The default constructor.

		mParams	= new ParamList();
Methods Summary
public voidaddParam(Param param)
Adds the given parameter in this Message.

		mParams.addParam( param );
public ParamgetParam(java.lang.String name)

		return( mParams.getParam( name ) );
public ParamListgetParamList()
Returns the list of Param objects. The list can be modified.

ParamList instance held by this Message.

		return( mParams );
public java.lang.StringtoString()

		return( mParams.toString() );