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public final class SyntheticAttribute_info extends Attribute_info
The Synthetic attribute is a fixed-length attribute in the attributes table of ClassFile, {@link com.vladium.jcd.cls.Field_info}, and {@link com.vladium.jcd.cls.Method_info} structures. A class member that does not appear in the source code must be marked using a Synthetic attribute.

The Synthetic attribute has the following format:

Synthetic_attribute {
u2 attribute_name_index;
u4 attribute_length;
The value of the attribute_name_index item must be a valid index into the constant_pool table. The constant_pool entry at that index must be a CONSTANT_Utf8_info structure representing the string "Synthetic".

The value of the attribute_length item is zero.

(C) 2001, Vlad Roubtsov

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
public SyntheticAttribute_info(int attribute_name_index)

        super (attribute_name_index, 0);
SyntheticAttribute_info(int attribute_name_index, long attribute_length)

        super (attribute_name_index, attribute_length);
Methods Summary
public voidaccept(IAttributeVisitor visitor, java.lang.Object ctx)

        visitor.visit (this, ctx);
public java.lang.Objectclone()
Performs a deep copy.

        return super.clone ();    
public longlength()

        return 6;
public java.lang.StringtoString()

        return "SyntheticValueAttribute_info: [attribute_name_index = " + m_name_index + ", attribute_length = " + m_attribute_length + ']";
public voidwriteInClassFormat(com.vladium.jcd.lib.UDataOutputStream out)

        super.writeInClassFormat (out);