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public interface EventListener
A listener interface for preprocessing and receiving MIDP events.

Each system that wants to receive events implements an EventListener and registers the listener with the EventQueue for each event type to be received. Registration will require a system issued security token to prevent unauthorized registrations, to get this token the system will implement a static method to be called at VM startup. The EventListener interface has methods for pre-processing an event and receiving an event. The pre-processing method gets called in the Java thread that is inserting an event when the event is the type that it was registered for with a reference to the event to inserted and the previously inserted event (if there is one). If the pre-processing method merges the events and does not want does not want the new event inserted into the queue, then it will return false. The receiving method gets called in the event delivery thread with the first event of the type of it registered for in the queue.

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public booleanpreprocess(Event event, Event waitingEvent)
Preprocess an event that is being posted to the event queue. This method will get called in the thread that posted the event.

event event being posted
waitingEvent previous event of this type waiting in the queue to be processed
true to allow the post to continue, false to not post the event to the queue

public voidprocess(Event event)
Process an event. This method will get called in the event queue processing thread.

event event to process