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public class NTSidDomainPrincipal extends NTSid

This class extends NTSid and represents a Windows NT user's domain SID.

An NT user only has a domain SID if in fact they are logged into an NT domain. If the user is logged into a workgroup or just a standalone configuration, they will NOT have a domain SID.

Principals such as this NTSidDomainPrincipal may be associated with a particular Subject to augment that Subject with an additional identity. Refer to the Subject class for more information on how to achieve this. Authorization decisions can then be based upon the Principals associated with a Subject.

1.15, 12/19/03

Fields Summary
private static final long
Constructors Summary
public NTSidDomainPrincipal(String name)
Create an NTSidDomainPrincipal with a Windows NT SID.

name a string version of the Windows NT SID for this user's domain.

NullPointerException if the name is null.

Methods Summary
public booleanequals(java.lang.Object o)
Compares the specified Object with this NTSidDomainPrincipal for equality. Returns true if the given object is also a NTSidDomainPrincipal and the two NTSidDomainPrincipals have the same SID.

o Object to be compared for equality with this NTSidDomainPrincipal.
true if the specified Object is equal equal to this NTSidDomainPrincipal.

	    if (o == null)
	        return false;

        if (this == o)
            return true;
        if (!(o instanceof NTSidDomainPrincipal))
            return false;

        return super.equals(o);
public java.lang.StringtoString()
Return a string representation of this NTSidDomainPrincipal.

a string representation of this NTSidDomainPrincipal.

	java.text.MessageFormat form = new java.text.MessageFormat
			("NTSidDomainPrincipal: name",
	Object[] source = {getName()};
	return form.format(source);