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public class MMEventHandler extends Object
MMEventHandler is used by BasicPlayer to register an event handler.

Fields Summary
private static SecurityToken
This class has a different security domain than the MIDlet suite
private static EventListener
The EventListener to receive the MM events.
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public static voidinitSecurityToken(SecurityToken token)
Initializes the security token for this class, so it can perform actions that a normal MIDlet Suite cannot.

token security token for this class.

        if (classSecurityToken == null) {
            classSecurityToken = token;
static voidsetListener(EventListener l)
Set the Event listener on the event queue.
This method is made package-private so only classes from com.sun.mmedia (BasicPlayer) can access it for security reasons.

l EventListener for the MM events.

	// This can only be set once.
	if (listener != null)
	listener = l;
	EventQueue evtq = EventQueue.getEventQueue(classSecurityToken);
	evtq.registerEventListener(EventTypes.MMAPI_EVENT, listener);