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public abstract class StreamClassLoader extends ClassLoader
Source code from "Java Distributed Computing", by Jim Farley. Class: StreamClassLoader Example: 2-9 Description: A class loader that uses an InputStream as the source of the bytecodes defining the classes it loads. Note that this ClassLoader does its own caching of class bytecodes, which is no longer necessary as of JDK 1.1, since the ClassLoader base class provides its own caching mechanism now. Also, this class loader doesn't follow the standard convention of checking the local CLASSPATH with the default ClassLoader before attempting to load a requested class over the stream.

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
public StreamClassLoader()

  // Constructor
Methods Summary
protected abstract voidinitStream(java.lang.String classLoc)

public java.lang.ClassloadClass(java.lang.String classLoc, boolean resolve)

    String className = parseClassName(classLoc);
    Class c = (Class)classCache.get(className);

    // If class is not in cache...
    if (c == null) {
      // ...try initializing our stream to its location
      try { initStream(classLoc); }
      catch (IOException e) {
        throw new ClassNotFoundException("Failed opening stream to URL.");

      // Read the class from the input stream
      try { c = readClass(classLoc, className); }
      catch (IOException e) {
        throw new ClassNotFoundException("Failed reading class from stream: "
                                        + e);

    // Add the new class to the cache for the next reference.
    // Note that we cache based on the class name, not locator.
    classCache.put(className, c);

    // Resolve the class, if requested.
    if (resolve)

    return c;
protected abstract java.lang.StringparseClassName(java.lang.String classLoc)

protected abstract java.lang.ClassreadClass(java.lang.String classLoc, java.lang.String className)