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public interface CommandListener
This interface is used by applications which need to receive high-level events from the implementation. An application will provide an implementation of a CommandListener (typically by using a nested class or an inner class) and will then provide the instance to the addCommand method on a Displayable in order to receive high-level events on that screen.

The specification does not require the platform to create several threads for the event delivery. Thus, if a CommandListener method does not return or the return is not delayed, the system may be blocked. So, there is the following note to application developers:

  • the CommandListener method should return immediately.
MIDP 1.0

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public voidcommandAction(Command c, Displayable d)
Indicates that a command event has occurred on Displayable d.

c a Command object identifying the command. This is either one of the applications have been added to Displayable with {@link Displayable#addCommand(Command) addCommand(Command)} or is the implicit {@link List#SELECT_COMMAND SELECT_COMMAND} of List.
d the Displayable on which this event has occurred