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public interface IKeystoreService implements android.os.IInterface
This must be kept manually in sync with system/security/keystore until AIDL can generate both Java and C++ bindings.

Fields Summary
Constructors Summary
Methods Summary
public intclear_uid(long uid)

public intdel(java.lang.String name, int uid)

public intdel_key(java.lang.String name, int uid)

public intduplicate(java.lang.String srcKey, int srcUid, java.lang.String destKey, int destUid)

public intexist(java.lang.String name, int uid)

public intgenerate(java.lang.String name, int uid, int keyType, int keySize, int flags, byte[][] args)

public byte[]get(java.lang.String name)

public byte[]get_pubkey(java.lang.String name)

public longgetmtime(java.lang.String name)

public intgrant(java.lang.String name, int granteeUid)

public intimport_key(java.lang.String name, byte[] data, int uid, int flags)

public intinsert(java.lang.String name, byte[] item, int uid, int flags)

public intis_hardware_backed(java.lang.String string)

public intlock()

public intpassword(java.lang.String password)

public intpassword_uid(java.lang.String password, int uid)

public intreset()

public intreset_uid(int uid)

public java.lang.String[]saw(java.lang.String name, int uid)

public byte[]sign(java.lang.String name, byte[] data)

public intsync_uid(int sourceUid, int targetUid)

public inttest()

public intungrant(java.lang.String name, int granteeUid)

public intunlock(java.lang.String password)

public intverify(java.lang.String name, byte[] data, byte[] signature)

public intzero()