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public interface Spannable implements Spanned
This is the interface for text to which markup objects can be attached and detached. Not all Spannable classes have mutable text; see {@link Editable} for that.

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public voidremoveSpan(java.lang.Object what)
Remove the specified object from the range of text to which it was attached, if any. It is OK to remove an object that was never attached in the first place.

public voidsetSpan(java.lang.Object what, int start, int end, int flags)
Attach the specified markup object to the range start…end of the text, or move the object to that range if it was already attached elsewhere. See {@link Spanned} for an explanation of what the flags mean. The object can be one that has meaning only within your application, or it can be one that the text system will use to affect text display or behavior. Some noteworthy ones are the subclasses of {@link} and {@link}, and {@link android.text.TextWatcher} and {@link android.text.SpanWatcher}.